Route information

Starting in the famous Ancient Market Place, runners will cross over Kingston Bridge and head up the iconic three mile stretch of the Barge Walk beside the Thames. The race then reaches the magnificent Hampton Court Palace before continuing through Thames Ditton and back towards Kingston Market Place. Here is the finish for the 8 mile race. The 16 and 20 milers will continue to complete a second loop before returning again to Kingston Market Place where the 16 milers Finish. The 20 milers will continue to run an additional 4 miles in North Kingston before returning to the Market Place to Finish.

Click the button below to see the route on Google maps. You will see the 8 mile loop in purple – The 8 mile runners do this once and the 16 and 20 milers do this twice.

The 4 mile loop in orange is for the 20 milers only.

We advise you look at this google maps route via a PC. If you are accessing via a smart phone you may need to hold down the route button for it to work.

All courses have been officially measured as registered distances by the Association of UK Course Measurers.

The 8 mile race is officially measured at 8.2 miles.

The 16 mile race is officially measured at 16.05 miles.

The 20 mile race is officially measured at 20.009 miles.